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Have you downloaded the latest virus definitions this week???

How's your "Back-Up Plan" ??? Portable hard drives, thum drives and backup media are now very affordable. Cloud backup is free @ sites like Dropbox. You don't have much warning of a hard drive failure (having nothing to do with bugs) and redoing six months of quickbooks will make you wish you were in Brown County State Park!!!

Brown County State Park

Stay safe online! October is national cyber security awareness month and the most popular month in Brown County Indiana.

Security Threats

Did you know that at least 50 percent of computers connected to the Internet remain improperly protected by product updates or patches.

Phishing attacks, a form of online threat aimed at stealing personal data for criminal use or identity theft, continue to increase rapidly, the frequency of phishing attacks is growing by 25 percent per month. Mac computers, tablets and smartphones are at risk.

Latest/Greatest Fix for spyware Microsoft Download Site

Hoaxes are running around the internet. Before trying to fix something always be sure it is not a hoax! Norton has a hoax list so you can avoid deleting a critical file on your computer.

Be sure you have a firewall activated and install the update.

If you have not been keeping your computer up to date, you can get all the fixes from microsoft. Go to Microsoft right now!

Have you downloaded the latest virus definitions this week?

Have you checked recently for microsoft critical updates?

Have you cleaned your cache & trash and defraged your computer lately?

Brown County State Park

Symantec Security Alert Web Site

McAfee Security Web Site

Prevx Web Site

Malwarebytes Web Site

Brown County State Park

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